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The Four 2

The Four 2

The Four 2 Intentionally and without hesitation chances upon the aroma of blood while Department Six and the Divine Constabulary are setting up camp in a foggy woodland.

The Four 2 Running in front of the others, Cold Blood, Life Snatcher, Iron Hands and Ji Yaohua land before a bolted and apparently surrendered house. In endeavor to break the lock, Cold Blood is assaulted by a gun and scarcely get away. He sees the individual behind the gun – Zhuge Zhengwo. Remaining quiet about the data, the remainder of Department Six and the Divine Constabulary race into the house to find the gore of numerous and there is just a single survivor, a man Zhuge Zhengwo distinguishes as Ouyang Da, somebody whose face had vanished off the pugilist world twelve years back. Each one else have kicked the bucket of comparable injuries, all brought about by a similar weapon that Cold Blood was assaulted with. Zhuge Zhengwo shows unmistakable fascination for the occurrence and immediately requests that Sheriff King give the case to the Divine Constabulary. Sheriff King concurs, and Ji Yaohua alongside the others in Department Six dissent; there have been comparative instances of slaughters that they have been researching, each with a passing of a man that should have kicked the bucket twelve years prior. The passings are for the most part attached to Zhuge Zhengwo, as these men were one of the guys of Twelve as far as anyone knows executed by him when they slaughtered Sheng Yayu’s, presently Emotionless, family. Division Six firmly trust all things considered, Zhuge Zhengwo had lied about executing the Gang of Twelve and rose to popularity, just to quietness those that should have been dead for a long time now so his mystery would not be discovered. Sheriff King has confidence in his companion however trains Department Six to proceed explore discreetly.

Duration: 118 min


IMDb: 5.9